Case Story

Hello, my name is Marquis Charles. I’m majoring in visual arts and minoring in psychology. I specialize in conceptual designs and digital mediums. In this I will discuss the differences between hyper-realism and collages and how I approached them. I’ll also be briefly talking about in way they are similar and the challenges I faced when completing them.


For starters  hyper realism involves warping reality in such a way that may appear real at first glance. It involves taking pieces of different realities and putting them together in a convincing way that may appear real. In a collage you are still taking pieces of different thing to create one image but this time around you’re still trying making one complete thought, you’re just deliberately showing the patch work done to complete this. You’re by no means trying to be realistic. The roughness of a collage is what makes it so impressive while the realistic fantasy of hyper-realism is what gives it its charm. Cubism is the odd ball in this one as it completely does the opposite of both these styles. Cubism is more abstract  like a collage but without a complete thought in mind.

In my hyper-realism piece the most challenging thing for me was  putting everything conceptually together in an realistic way and still keeping it interesting way while still keeping it interesting enough to look at for more than 5 seconds.

Also I had to build the clouds using a special brush that I built. The clouds in the background where also made with a simple gradient followed by a filter that the filter does it make a black and white hazy plane. So I applied a screen mode which eliminated the black. What’s left behind after that is a cloudy mist type look or my clouds. The only thing I didn’t personally make was the moon, the city, and the stars. to get the city like that I first cut it out from it picture, made it black and white, pit a plastic wrap on it to strengthen some highlights and then I  applied a screen on it so only what whites would remain giving it a ghost like look. The only really task was, like I said earlier, trying to keep it interesting. Being in black and white is an easy way to make this picture appear dull. In a separate file I draw a color ring to go around the moon and city.

For my collage the hardest thing for me was trying to figure out what to do actually. Finally I decided to focus on art. The things I like and how they’ve evolved over time. I tried to organize it in a way where in difference sections. For example in the top left corner I have painting and in the lower right corner I have all recent art done with hardware.

Even now I still feel it unfinished and I plan on working on it.I would like to continue to organize the objects I put in.

In my cubism piece i chose a painting by a guy named George Barque

mainly because his piece spoke to me in some way unlike the others. His use ot shapes and line style reminded me of what today is called vector art. So i chose and began brain storming some ideas. Since this looks more like a painting that a collection of physical objects I wanted to carry that feeling into my cubism piece. With that in mind i wanted to use a little photos and physical objects as possible and  be a little more painterly. The greatest challenge i faced was combining all these things in a way that will still be apparent that i used Barque as an resource.

In my final assignment I had a collecting of different possible assignment. Eventually i probably would have  ended up trying to combine af ew of the ideas to create one interesting piece of art

The one with squares is and digital version of an incomplete abstract painting i was working on in another class. This was going to be a cubism type of art design.

The one with the mountains in fog was a third idea i thought of  for my final assignment. I never decided where i was going to go with it  but it was going to be a hyper-realism type of art.

The one with the art supplies was my first idea. I was going to make it a hyper-realism piece. The art supplies  where going to take the palce of the city.

Finally, the one with the solar panels is another hyper-realism.


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